It’s Not a Hand-Me-Down, It’s a Hoakon/Helga

- -

You know the feel of your boyfriend’s really worn, totally weathered and super sexy leather jacket? Kinda like butter, right? That’s what I think of when I see the recycled leather handbags by Hoakon/Helga. I think of butter.

Well, not exactly. But Hoakon/Helga bags are really soft and sumptuous to the touch, not to mention ultra-hip and eco-friendly. Handcrafted using vintage and recycled materials, no two bags are the same. Click on any of the designs shown on the website and you’ll get a gander at all the past bags created in that design.

Gone are the days of looking like every other lady with a logomania luxury bag. What a relief!

Another noteworthy fact about these leather bags is their price, which is not only reasonable but remarkable. A mere $85 for the Willow, my current favorite, as well as the Monarda.

So, if you’re intrigued by the repurposed possibilities and are in the market for a handbag, check out the entire Hoakon/Helga collection, and then shop for your favorite at the Etsy store.

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