It’s Paper. It’s a Chair. It’s Paperchair.


The fact that young product designers just out of school are setting their sights on sustainable is truly a blessing. And they don’t seem to be doing it for the money or the fame – but more as a mission. An eco-mission, that is.

To them it’s a no brainer, a given rather than an option. The future depends on developing new ways of using old stuff to create everyday objects, like a chair or a lamp.

Humans will forever need a suitable place to sit, so Swiss-born designer Mario Stadelmann used some already read and recently tossed newspaper to create the paperchair. The recycled paper is made into a composite material that Stadelmann molds and morphs into his design, which dare I say, gives a slight salute to the Eames shell chair.

Only a prototype at this point, the paperchair isn’t available for purchase. But the designer informed me that an Italian company will produce and launch the paperchair at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan from April 22-27.

It will be available to purchase at the end of April. Price and points of sale haven’t been decided, but continue checking Stadelmann’s website for more information.

2 thoughts on “It’s Paper. It’s a Chair. It’s Paperchair.

  1. I like this idea a lot, especially if flecks of colored paper are part of the color and design of the chair itself. But I want to know how well it holds up, and what kind of binder is used to hold it all together? Is this chair going to disintegrate in a few years? Can you own one in a humid region?

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