The PETal Lamp Shade


Timing is everything. And sometimes timing is just plain bad. To wit, I recently bought a pendant lamp for my dining room, installed it and was really pleased breaking bread below it…and then I came across the petal lamp shade.

Now I’m experiencing a serious case of buyer’s remorse.

The Petal Lamp Shade has approximately 200 “petals” that were individually cut from recycled PET bottles, heated and engraved with subtle patterns. They dangle 21.6 inches from a stainless steel disk. Lovely.

The designer’s Etsy profile says she is an architect in Ankara, Turkey. I haven’t seen her buildings but the objects she creates from old soda bottles are amazing. Check out the Blue Bowl, Flower Bowl No 5 and Flower Napkin Holders.

Go to gulguvenc’s Etsy shop to check availability and prices. She also has a blog.

5 thoughts on “The PETal Lamp Shade

  1. Not only fun and practical but seriously stylish too. Three out of three.

    And something else: these items look *unique*. They don’t try to look like anything out there already – they pave a new way, by building on the design strengths of the material (natural weathering patterns, asymmetry, irregularity and so on).


  2. I kept thinking you were going to tell us something horrible but thank goodness no! Love her site on Etsy and while you may be a fan of the shade, I’m all about her jewelry….ooooohhhh

  3. Wow, this is incredibly beautiful! I can’t believe it’s made out of plastic bottles!! Kudos to the designers and artists!!

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