Meet Milly Rose


While engrossed in one of my interior design projects, I’ve been known to create a room around the character and colors of a single piece of furniture. A very special chair, for example, can set the stage for a spectacular space. Or it can add that essential je ne sais quoi to a room already in place.

If you’re still searching for a suitable seat, let me introduce you to Milly Rose. This U.K.-based company is in the business of finding used, broken or abandoned chairs and bringing them back to life through restoration and reupholstering. But not just any chair will do – they want the quirky and clever with potential for greatness chair.

And they seem to have a knack for finding it. Check out the current inventory to see for yourself…and then start saving because these vintage beauties aren’t cheap. But they are recycled, restored and designed to last a lifetime. My favorite is the Dani Victorian armchair, a luscious lounge chair priced at $1760 (£1200).

If you have a specific style in mind that isn’t available on the website, Milly Rose also offers a Finders Seekers service for a fee of $514 (£350) per item.

The website explains “finding and perfecting a Milly Rose chair takes time”, so if eco-friendly means anything at all I’d say it must mean worth the wait.

via Radici Trading

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