Eco Fashion Favorites of 2008

It’s true what they say: time flies while you’re having fun. 2008 at EcoSalon was chock full of fun, from the top of our eco fashionista heads down to the bottom of our little greenie toes.

This was a spectacular year for the art and business of green garb. Environmentally conscious fashion designers from all over the globe popped up, providing us with sustainable, eco-friendly clothing that’s anything but plain, crunchy or predictable. Our eco fashion finds covered the spectrum from chic to trendy, simple to sophisticated, quirky to girly, modern to sexy.

The proof lies in this list of what caught our eyes in 2008. (You can check out our Fashion Favorites Guide for even more eco-wardrobe excitement.)

-Silk charmeuse “bloomers”

Image: Verrier

Image: Verrier

-The Pieced Silk Tunic

Image: Garnet Hill

Image: Garnet Hill

-Elroy Apparel



Image: Elroy Apparel

-The Eden Collection from Cosabella


Image: Shopbop

-High Style High Heels


Images: Nimli, Vegetarian Star, Neiman Marcus and olsen Haus

-Acquarella Nail Polish


Image: aussiegall

-The Must-Have Looks-Good-on-Everyone Sweater for All Seasons by VivaTerra


Image: VivaTerra

-The Gypsy05 Maxi Dress


Image: Gypsy05

-The simple No Sweat Tee as well as a list of figure-friendly tees,


Image: No Sweat

including this one from the ‘urban vermin’ series


Image: glo4life

-The much-loved clutch and the much-needed shopping tote.


Images: One October and Tobi

-The Ivana Helsinki Dress


Image: Ivana Helsinki

Here’s hoping 2009 brings as much fun in fashion – Happy New Year from our closet to yours!

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