Whatever the Season, I’ll Be Wearing the Whitney Coat


I know the month is December, the season is winter and the days and nights are pure brrrrrrr, but bear with me – I’m in the mood for spring. I could wait until after the holidays to spout my springtime cheer, but why? The rain just stopped and the sunshine is peeking through the hovering grey clouds.

Not that I’m complaining…about winter. The seasons are subtle and virtually unnoticeable in Los Angeles.

Which explains why a coat like the Whitney called my name. What I love most about the Whitney Coat by Kelly B is the 100% bamboo denim fabric that practically shimmers. The liner is 65% hemp, 35% silk and feels like butter. It’s hooded, high-waisted with big buttons and a full skirt that hits just above the knees. A practical piece that isn’t simple or boring, the Whitney Coat is available in sizes extra small to medium for $217 at BTC Elements.

Lucky me – I’ll be wearing the Whitney no matter what the season.

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