It’s All About Vintage at ModCloth


Vintage and thrift store shopping isn’t for everyone, but I’d recommend it to any one who speaks eco-chic fluently. You’ve heard my spiel on the topic of fashion seconds so I won’t run you over with details, but suffice it to say I’ve found some fantastic designer pieces by stopping in a boutique on a whim.

Stopping in on a whim is easy when the shop is ModCloth. The online store offers everything from vintage duds to vintage-inspired new collections by up and coming designers. The One of a Kind section should be your first stop – it’s where the ecoista in you will find fulfillment. Everything from peep toes to party dresses to patent purses are on hand. Don’t fret that their vintage goods are Sold Out. New stuff will show up after the holiday rush has passed.

ModCloth came to be when a married couple decided her thing for thrift stores and his website savvy could make a business. Now the company has 20 employees and over 300,000 shoppers per month. Success stories such as this help make vintage more than a trend.

Remember, second-hand shopping is all about having a no-agenda attitude. Stay open to whatever speaks to your inner chic. Notice the details of each item – even if the whole piece doesn’t appeal maybe it has charming buttons that you can reuse for something else. It’s also all about having fun!

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