What’s Your Type?

Green Glass

They’re watching you – the advertisers and marketing gurus – keeping track of your every eco-purchase. And since the so-called green “trend” doesn’t seem to be such a trend after all (see What’s the Story), these marketing experts are watching more closely, and with green colored glasses.

Who is this green fashion consumer and what does she want…and why? Listed below are the four types, according to Iconoculture, and each has her own agenda:

PhotobucketIf you’re The Living Green consumer you “most likely eat organic foods. [You’re] finding new ways to use old clothes, shopping vintage and thrift shops, and buying clothes made of recycled fabrics.” For you, green is a way of life – you’re committed to making a difference and not just in your closet.

PhotobucketIf you’re “looking to build up the green in [your] fashion portfolio”¦rethinking and redefining [your] sense of style and eco-chic”, they call you The Core Fashionista. Hemp and hippie are not in your vocabulary, but if it’s stylish and green, you’ll buy it.

PhotobucketThe Walking Green consumer describes the younger shopper “driven by wanting to belong to a greater community…a trend follower.” This may be your daughter or sister or niece – she wants to go green because everyone’s doing it – her budget is small and her attention span is short.

PhotobucketIf you’re The Spending Green consumer you “…embraced green when it was still very much a luxury category, and intend to keep it that way. For you, buying green connotes luxury, not sacrifice.” You’ll spend what it takes, but in return you want unique and chic and exclusive.

What’s your agenda when it comes to eco-fashion? Is a category missing”¦and you’re it? Tell me – I’m waiting to hear from you.

Source: Ecopreneurist

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Type?

  1. I’m Living Green, and have been living as green as possible for years. I’m loathe to throw anything away without figuring out how to reuse or recycle it somehow. Most of my income (after rent) goes to groceries, because I mostly buy the finest organic foods, even if I drive a 20-year old (well-maintained and efficient) Honda Civic. I even sew patches on the worn-out heels of my favorite socks. This isn’t because I can’t afford new socks, but rather because it just feels like the right thing to do. Definitely “crunchy green,” and proud of it!

  2. Another Living Green here. My family has always been frugal and taken care of things and been concerned about waste and their impact. That’s the way I was raised. Don’t you know, the Scots are known for their frugality (or being tightwads).

  3. I don’t quite fit into any of these. I buy organic produce when it’s affordable or super fresh or one of the ‘dirty dozen,’ but I’m not a diehard. I went vegetarian a few years ago, not because I was a hardcore treehugger, but because I respect animals a lot. I love thrift stores because I never know what I’ll find there, and I avoid buying new clothes because I don’t have much money and don’t care to be in fashion. I got my first cloth bag years ago at a Renaissance faire because I liked the design. My newer habits have been more directly prompted by the green movement, but for awhile I definitely fell into the ‘incidentally green’ category.

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