A Party Dress for Any Party


The party parade of 2008 seems to have a much mellower mood than recent years, most likely due to the trying times we’re facing. My company “toned down” this year’s soiree (a.k.a. spent less money), but fun was still had by all. Rather than get all dolled up in suits and fancy frocks, we wore our work attire with an added sparkle here or there.

A simple party calls for a simple slip of a dress. Stewart + Brown‘s aptly named Party Dress is just what this season ordered. It’s subtle and leaves plenty to the imagination, showing just enough skin to be tempting. The neckline is square but the back plunges loosely, while the waist is cinched with a single tie. Made of 60% hemp and 40% silk, it has eco written all over it. We expect nothing less from Stewart + Brown! Available in sizes 2 through 8 at Beklina for $220.

Be the life of any party, or at least the eye candy, with this simple dress.

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