I Dare You to Read This Post About Alabama Chanin


I already know there’s a reader out there who will find this post extravagant, excessive and possibly even outrageous.

And if that reader is you, rest assured that I can hear you already. You’re saying things like “don’t waste our time. It’s ridiculous to pay that for a dress or a coat, when the sky is falling and the globe is warming”. Gulp. Here I go anyway.

Why am I going on about a line of eco-friendly clothing and the Florence, Alabama-based company that sells it, when I can smell the impending controversy? Well, maybe I love controversy; but mainly I just adore this Revolution Circle Appliqué Dress.

The company, Alabama Chanin, rocks…as does their entire collection of lifestyle products. They’re all about sustainability, from their business model to the types of craftsmen and artisans they choose to work with. Unique, one of a kind and hand-made describe Alabama Chanin’s products…and of course organic and recycled. A focus on tradition and design techniques handed down for generations allows for exceptional quality and attention to detail. A perfect example is the dress (*swoon*).

Made of 100% organic cotton with 3/4 sleeves, the Revolution Circle Appliqué Dress has a fitted bodice with a flowy A-line skirt. The bottom two-thirds of the dress is decorated with faded grey appliqué stitched in a circle pattern that is just lovely. Absolute perfection in my humble opinion. And it better be, for the $2350 it will cost to possess such an eco-frock.

They offer other pieces in their collection – all of which are gorgeously gathered and delicately detailed in just the right way. The stitching on this Revolution Double Breasted Coat adds a special touch. And I can’t resist showing you the Revolution Minis Long Coat and its $10,500 worth of scrumptiousness. Made of 100% organic cotton and covered with zillions of tiny square fabric appliqués in various shades of grey, it looks like a coat covered in jewels. Wow.

In a more reasonable price range, but still pricey, are the Elm Wrap Shirt, the Striped Swing Skirt and the Ruffled Cardigan. All organic, all hand-made and exquisitely unique.

I dare you to adore Alabama Chanin. I do.

2 thoughts on “I Dare You to Read This Post About Alabama Chanin

  1. Kim, tI agree, these dresses are gorgeous, and as we have seen on Project Runway, there’s a push for couture to join the green trend, and couture has always been about fashion as art. I guess there’s a price for that.

  2. The $10,500 Revolution Minis Long Coat is lovely, but looks like something I’d buy at a vintage shop for $60. One can always dream…

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