Red (and Green) Aphrodite


I’ve never been good at sending holiday cards to friends and family. I enjoy keeping in touch throughout the year via e-mail and phone calls, but when it comes to spreading holiday cheer I fall tragically short. But this year could be different.

I’ve come across a line of stationary that might just cure my aversion to Christmas cards. Red Aphrodite is purely green and its attitude is simple, clever and very vintage. What’s not to like?

Red Aphrodite’s designer and owner, Laura Bolster, uses 100% recycled post-consumer paper to create her unique greeting cards. All her designs are inspired by old travel photos, objects her grandmother collected and eclectic, vintage images of women and birds. She takes scissors to these images, combines them in colorful, creative ways and the end result is a collection of eco-friendly cards for any occasion.

Individual cards are available for $2.95 or in sets of 5 to 8 for $10-$18 online at Etsy and Nest. Or find Red Aphrodite products at a store in your area. For other eco-card ideas, check out Luanne’s post here.

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