The Perfect Fall to Winter to Spring Cover Up


It’s early Sunday morning in late November and I don’t want to leave the cuddly warmth of my down duvet. If I had special powers I would wiggle my nose and a handsome prince would appear with a cup of hot coffee and the New YorkTimes. But since my nose doesn’t wiggle that way, I crawl out from under the covers and head toward the closet for a favorite pair of jeans, a tee and my heather grey sweater-coat.

Then I’m out the door and headed toward the Farmers’ Market. I can’t live without that sweater. Well, of course I can“¦but you know what I mean. It works with most outfits, dressed up or down, and keeps me toasty and looking presentable when I may not be (especially early Sunday mornings).

So if you’re in the market for the perfect fall to winter to spring cover up, the sweater-coat is the way to go. VivaTerra has two that tickle my fancy.

The Cashmere & Merino Wool Luxury Sweater Coat is versatile and tres chic. It has a large, sculpted collar – wear it open or use the kilt pin to close it and heighten the warm and cozy factor. Available in a gorgeous berry as well as black in sizes small through large. $339 at VivaTerra.

Also available to sharpen your wardrobe this winter is the eco-friendly Lambswool Sweater Jacket. Subtle and stylish in winter white with a fluffy collar, this piece is selling out fast and currently available in large and xtra large. It’s on sale at VivaTerra for $95.

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