Eco-Trendy Tees at Sublet


I’m not one to clutter my closet with the latest trends – my fashion focus is more about quality than quantity. But when I see a sexy tee the likes of which has graced the cover of one or two fashion mags, I don’t shy away. Mostly because I wear my tees until they’re torn and tattered, and then I wear them some more”¦as workout tops. Next they head for the scrap heap to be used as cleaning rags. My tees get plenty of use, so I don’t feel badly about stocking up on a few new ones – as long as they’re organic, of course!

The Bellamy tee from Sublet Clothing has a fitted shape with two overlapping colored strips across the front. These bold blocks of color are simple and sophisticated, making it the perfect tee with jeans or a pencil skirt. And of course it’s eco and made of a sustainable blend of bamboo and organic cotton. Available in three trendy color ways, find the Bellamy tee in sizes x-small to large at Sublet for $72.

Another slim and simple tee from Sublet is the Alex. It has a flattering scoop neck, round hem, ¾-sleeve and comes in three color options with contrast cream trim. Made with the same eco-materials as the Bellamy, the Alex is available at Sublet for $55. Allison was a big fan, and so am I!

And remember – worn out, trendy tees make great workout tops!

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