Wearing Eco on the Inside and Out


Sometimes I wonder if the small eco-efforts I make each day actually affect anything at all, let alone the larger eco-atmosphere. At other times I haven’t a worry or a wonder, and am grateful to carry on with my day changing what I can.

I do know that the green movement is firmly established as a lifestyle choice, and not just a fickle trend. Today we have so many options (the internet is eco-shopping saturated), as well as a multitude of reasons (the air, our health, the soil and water, the animals). There’s simply no excuse not to be fashion forward and eco-responsible.

So when I learn of another chic boutique showcasing the best and brightest environmentally conscious designers, I’m eager to spread the news. embodies works with a select group whose fabric, dye, manufacturing and packaging choices express the company’s dedication to sustainable design and a healthy lifestyle.

The website defines the company name – “to represent in bodily or material form a new consciousness of what we choose to wear and its impact on the environment and our own health.” In other words, what we wear on the outside reflects and affects how we feel on the inside. embodies does its best to follow strict eco-business standards as well. Even the store mannequins are reclaimed and recycled.

Shop online or visit the Larkspur, California boutique and choose from designers like Lara Miller, Form & Fauna (I adore the heels shown above), Prairie Underground (check out this long hoodie) and Peligrosa.

Wear eco on the inside and out.

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