A Green Mower for Any-Colored Thumb


Certain songs, smells, foods, city streets – they tend to conjure up memories from years past, and usually without permission or even a warning.

The smell of freshly cut grass reminds me of my backyard, and my dad. He spent hours every weekend working, sweating and usually drinking a Budweiser, out of the can. His thumb was green with a capital G.

In the 70s a lot of people tended to their own gardens rather than hiring a crew. Dad loved our yard and approached it very seriously. The lawn was spectacular – green, lush, perfectly coiffed. The gas-powered lawn mower, on the other hand, was not so green and in today’s world, the farthest thing from perfect.

Even today, gas powered lawn mowers consume 720 million gallons of gas every year. A sorry statistic that needs some eco-improvement, in a big way. If my dad was still mowing I’d give him this eco-suggestion: try a push mower.

The Razorcut 38 is the newest reel (push) mower from Brill. It’s been called “the Mercedes of reel mowers” with an updated, sleek look and an ergonomic handle for easy pushing. At 17 pounds, it’s also light enough for any eco-chick to maneuver, even one without gardening skills. Lastly, the most obvious benefit – no motor means no noise and no gas.

You won’t need a green thumb (or fuel) to power this mower. Available at CleanAirGardening for $249.99.

Image: Pixie Dust

One thought on “A Green Mower for Any-Colored Thumb

  1. A light little pushmower sounds so nice! Something even I’d like to do! I just can’t stand the loud sound or horrible smell of a gas mower…not to mention the heavy weight. I definitely hope push mowers come back in style with a vengeance!

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