Hanging with Ada


The oh-so-sophisticated you might say “vaaaaaz”, but however you pronounce it, a vase is really just a vase.

Not so with the ada hanging vase from cb2. It says “I’m not your ordinary vase, I’m so much more than a vase because I hang here growing out of the wall  looking like something other than a vase.”

The creation of U.K. designer James Burgess, the ada hanging vase is made of porcelain in a bright white that would look perfectly poised hung on any colored wall. Sweeten it up with a solitary flower.

I’d buy six and hang them all in a row – a perfect piece of “art” for the kitchen or breakfast nook. And very inexpensive, too.

Measuring 5″ W x 8″ H and 2″ D, find it at cb2 for $6.95.

3 thoughts on “Hanging with Ada

  1. You know, I can’t remember what flower that is, but it’s gorgeous. Does anyone know? 🙂 Richard – I’m sure your girlfriend will love it!

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