Eco-Concrete by Gore Design Co.


Fortunately, we’ve reached the point where it is not only un-cool, but offensive when companies ignore their footprint and don’t face eco-reality. Despite the plethora of green-going ventures out there, I’m still impressed when I come across another design studio forging ahead, breaking new green ground without compromising creative philosophy.

Gore Design Co. is such a venture. Cutting edge in its design and eco techniques, this Tempe, Arizona-based artisan studio has taken concrete from oh-so-boring to sustainably sexy.

Their specialty is custom hand-made concrete sinks, countertops and furniture, with an emphasis on hand-made. The H+K Sink is smooth as silk with a gentle slope leading to an inlayed stone in the center. Another of Gore Design Co.’s natural treasures is the Erosion Sink (shown above)- layers upon layers of what appear to be worn, eroded rock unfold toward its center.

Each sink is made of eco-friendly concrete and is sensually appealing. They practically scream Wash Your Hands Right Here, Darling.

How does one "green" concrete? First, Gore Design Co. has done away with the standard process of concrete water polishing – this saves tons of gallons of water. Instead each sink or other product is dry polished. They also add fly ash to regular concrete as a strengthening agent. (Fly ash is residue from coal combustion which otherwise would be dumped into landfills.)

Gore Design Co. doesn’t use chemical finishes, heavy-metal pigments or plastics. Instead their focus is reclaimed, recycled and reduced – in all areas of manufacturing, packaging and living. A green design studio that practices what it preaches – that is what eco is all about.

3 thoughts on “Eco-Concrete by Gore Design Co.

  1. That erosion sink is amazing! Reminds me of the Grand Canyon. So if you use that sink for a few hundred years, will you have a bathtub? 😉

  2. Ha! Great comments!

    Regarding flyash, it comes in many grades and there are many misconceptions regarding this pozzolan – once encapsulated in the cementitious matrix it is completely inert. However, we have moved on from this particular pozzolan and currently utilize Vitro minerals, another cement alternative that is cleaner in color and provides a great finish.

    Keep your eyes peeled, we are preparing to release some very fun products shortly!

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