Eco Poo Bags: Worth Their Weight in Clever, Clean and Green?


I admit it – I used to buy those brand-new blue bags in a roll to pick up my dog’s poop. Not the greenest item, actually not green at all, but very convenient and clean.

Then I switched to re-using the plastic bags from my trips to the grocery store, but having one too many “accidents” with a holey bag, I soon learned to double-up. Reusing two bags, I thought, was better than using one brand new, specially-made bag.

But now that I’m not asking for plastic and I don’t plan on using eco-canvas to pick up poop, what to do? Lucky for me, I happened upon these new dog poo bags designed by the German product design agency jungeschachtel.

The packaging is clever, colorful and funny. The bags are hygienic, 100% biodegradable and funny, too, with sayings like “Size Matters” and “Shit Happens”.

I commend the attempt to make a dirty job a little less boring, but at 16 bags for approximately $25 this dirty job could become a little too pricey. What do you think?

Would you purchase these eco poop bags?

3 thoughts on “Eco Poo Bags: Worth Their Weight in Clever, Clean and Green?

  1. Ha, those sound great! But really, more than a dollar for a chuckle and one use is a, pardon the pun, waste. I’d prefer these without the design, purely function, at a lower price.

    Something else that I at first thought was too expensive until I started using (and being able to reuse) them are the biodegradable plates from Verterra. These easy on the eye objects are made only from leaves, with no binder (for structure) to leech into my food as I eat. Digging that. And, get this, they claim you can use them for baking! Haven’t tested that yet.

    Anyway, I digress. Go check them out at

  2. Well, I guess the best thing to use ecologicaly would be old newspapers. The printing process for those goodlooking bags are also harmfull for the nature. I don’t have a dog so don’t know about the practical part much. Take care.

  3. As long as people are picking up that toxic poo, I’m happy! 🙂 Though not having a dog I don’t see how one could justify the cost.

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