In the Mood for Luck


There is not a single superstitious bone in my sensitive, spiritual, sometimes cynical body. Magical thinking is not my thing. But I do believe in luck.

When good things happen I attribute it to the randomness of life, the luck of the draw. If the bad stuff hits, which it inevitably does, I think to myself “it’s just the randomness of life, the luck of the draw”.

In my opinion, luck is not magic or being special or karma or getting what I deserve. It’s just the way I help explain the whys of life, which ultimately can’t be explained anyway.

Despite all that, or maybe because of it, I can’t help but adore these Japanese Good Omen Cat Figurines. Made of ceramic and only 2½” tall x 2″ wide, each little cat is said to bring on those good vibes. And depending on which color cat you choose, some “good health”, “protection from evil”, “personal luck” or good ol’ “love” could come your way as well.

Available for $6.95 at the rainforest site, where for each figurine sold they commit to preserve 1,145 square feet of endangered land.

These cats definitely can’t hurt my cause, and they’ll assuredly help preserve the Rainforest. So why not?

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