Whatever You Call It, It’s the Green That Counts


Mid-century modern, Eames-era, circa 1950-70s – there are plenty of names for the current “it” style of furniture and design. Some probably even call it old because it’s not quite antique. Whatever works.

I, on the other hand, am much more excited by the not new part; the not cutting down precious trees or using dirty energy to manufacture something new. They can call it old but I call it green.

A good example is this cocktail table “in the style of Gabriella Crespi” made of reed and glass. Beautifully complicated yet simple. The glass top lightens the heaviness of the base, which is lighter because of the variations in color and the round edges. I’ve seen nothing like it anywhere.

At 50″ in diameter and 14″ high, it’s the perfect centerpiece for a cozy room. I see a shaggy bamboo rug in cream underneath it. Yummy.

Find it, and tons of other vintage gems, at objects in the loft or vintage modern furniture gallery for $3800.

I’m a vintage vixen and will always consider used before new. Next great step, of course, would be goods made from sustainable resources under fair trade conditions. But never brown. What about you?

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