A Rock and Roll Key Keeper


I never lose my keys, but my best friend does and I think I’m going to get her this. (Another friend of mine uses a yellow rubber ducky – large, yes – but chic? Not so much. I’ve also seen flashlights, rabbit feet, coin purses and those mini scannable super-saver cards that get you coupons for stuff you never buy.)

For something slightly more stylish and fun, the SISU key fob designed by Phuong-Cac Nguyen does the job. SISU is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil where Nguyen lives and creates her “wearable art”. Once a regular in the L.A. music scene, she was inspired to start her company by -¦the visually loud attitude of L.A.”.

Nguyen’s key fobs are definitely a little bit loud (just check out their photo staging), a little bit rock and roll, and a whole lot vintage. Each piece is unique and made from combining flea market trinkets from cities around the world with new metalware. The SISU key fob is charmingly “used” with a hint of raw edginess that not only makes a statement, but makes it virtually impossible to misplace.

Finally, a sure way to find your keys, or better yet, to never lose them. To order, contact SISU via email or phone (323) 319-6730.

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