Leftover Leather Stays Together in Manon Juliette’s Carpet Collection


There’s a lot of “scrapping” going on these days in the fashion and decor industries, mostly out of earnest consideration for eco-friendly living. I appreciate every kind of re-use, reclaim or re-invent including vintage and antique. Wood scraps are another fave of mine. The possibilities are endless when a creative mind confronts a pile of so-called scraps.

To wit, Manon Juliette saw piles of leather scraps in a Brazilian leather workshop, and envisioned a collection of carpets – Os Elos, which means the links in Portuguese. Juliette invented a production technique that doesn’t require a sewing machine (it looks as though the leather scraps are somehow linked together), so she could employ the disabled workers in the shop to construct the rugs.

There are three styles – Feliz!, Novo Impulso and Procura Fortuna – but only Feliz! is currently in production. The carpets are handmade and can be ordered in any size and a range of 14 colors. Procura Fortuna will be available soon. To order, email or call +31 (0)6 14716289.

Juliette’s collection is beautiful and clever and unique, but I can’t help but have an issue with anything leather, even left-over leather. That being said, in the eco-scheme of things I’m not so sure it’s worth worrying about.

What do you think? Should leftover leather count as eco-friendly?
Should leftover leather be considered eco-friendly?
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3 thoughts on “Leftover Leather Stays Together in Manon Juliette’s Carpet Collection

  1. i am looking for leather left over pieces i would like to know how to get in touch with you and if there is any chance to see the stuff you have also how much is the minimum amount are you selling thanks

  2. Wow, that’s pretty clever. Some people use scraps to create small and usable rugs for cleaning which I found very eco-friendly. Though there are several ways of cleaning carpets and rugs, depending on the texture, it is always advisable to take extra careful in scrubbing or putting some detergents to clean ’em. Leather scraps are perfect for car seats.

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