What You See Is What You Get


Straight shooter, no-nonsense, sans hidden agenda – it’s refreshing to meet people and know exactly what you’re getting. The same can be said for stuff you buy that arrives in a box at your front door. If its assembly doesn’t require reading 5 pages of directions and 35 screws and it actually looks like what’s depicted on the website, I’m filled with joy. So imagine how I’d feel if the Lite2go All In One Eco-Friendly Lamp showed up with the UPS man?

The name may be long but this light is far from long in its complexity. The Lite2go arrives ready to use with an electric cord and 7 watt CFL bulb. The packaging itself is the shade, made of totally recyclable polypropylene plastic. It’s eco all the way around.

They say it can be put together in less than 5 minutes (by most people), and assembled it measures 10″ x 10″ x 11″ high. It will suit your fancy as either a hanging or table lamp.

Why not do something artsy & crafty to the shade before putting it together? Express your own personal style and hang three in a row above the dining table. Voila – instant statement.  At only $64.95 a piece, you can’t go wrong.

Eventually, of course, you’ll recycle the bulb and cord at your local e-waste recycler – or send it back to the company and they’ll do it for you. That kind of eco-team player attitude is a dark shade of green, if you ask me.

Order at greenfeet or call toll free (888) 562-8873.

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