Looking for the Best Green Sex Toys? You’ve Hit the Spot!


Once upon a time, sex was a word whispered rather than the topic of college courses and front page news. I’m comfortable with it, as you could surmise from my passionate case for saving the planet by having more sex. We could discuss the pros and cons of the sexing of our culture, ad infinitum. But the fact remains, sex isn’t going anywhere, so we might as well deal with it (or in my case, encourage it) in the greenest, safest way possible.

Which brings me to toys. Sex toys, that is.
They’re everywhere and many of them are green, meaning free of toxins like phthalates and PVCs. Although the sex toy industry in the U.S. is not regulated, some manufacturers have taken it upon themselves to start phasing out the use of these toxic materials. Instead they’re making toys with hypo-allergenic thermoplastic elastomer. Say that three times fast. Other non-porous, eco-materials to look for are stainless steel, glass, ceramic and silicone – all friendly to you and the environment.

Here are the best green sex toys that will help”¦the planet.

- There’s the Laya Spot, which should hit all the right spots with its 3 buzz levels. Waterproof and made of elastomer, you can’t help but appreciate the Laya Spot’s ergonomic design and quiet hummmm. Plus it’s travel-friendly at 4 ¼” x 1 ½”. Find it at Babeland for $48. You’ll need two AAA batteries so why not invest in a solar powered battery re-charger?


- For the sleek and sophisticated eco-goddess, try the Little Steel Vibrator with the not-so-little agenda. This slim stainless steel toy (5″ long, 5/8″ diameter) is phthalate free, waterproof and comes with a fabric traveling sleeve. Settings go from mild vibrations along the wand to a more intense vibration at the tip. Available for $195 at Good Vibrations.


- The name says it all. Sinful Intensity is the rechargeable silicone vibrator with a min-joystick that controls speed and pulsing patterns. It comes with a docking station – charge it right next to your iPhone – and is available at Good Vibrations for $149.


- Anyone opposed to a little Afternoon Delight? A best-seller at Babeland, the Delight vibrator hones in on all your points of pleasure. Its 32 speeds should keep you busy from afternoon well into evening, and if you accidentally leave it out, its sleek design could pass for a piece of sculpture. Re-chargeable, water-resistant and phthalate-free, find it in black/white at Babeland for $130.


- Form 6 could be a programming code or a next generation of software, but never fear, we’re still talking toys. The Form 6 vibrating massager is versatile and very advanced with “digital vibration modes from gentle to exhilarating“. Made of body and environmentally safe materials, it’s quiet, travel-ready, water-resistant and easy to operate. It comes with a cordless recharging lithium-ion battery and is available at Jimmyjane for $175.


- And now for something completely decadent. The Little Platinum everlasting vibrator runs on Jimmyjane’s patented, replaceable motor system ($35) and is made of yes, platinum. Further proof that going green doesn’t mean going cheap or chintzy”¦in bed. If $395 is out of your sex-toy budget, try the Little Gold at $325 – both are “sleek, silent and waterproof” at Jimmyjane.


It’s official – there are sexy situations where we’d prefer not to cut corners on the way to green. Let’s thank the eco-angels above we won’t have to.

Image: DownTown Pictures

5 thoughts on “Looking for the Best Green Sex Toys? You’ve Hit the Spot!

  1. I definitely must hand it to Kim…she never disappoints…always enlightening and practical regarding humanity’s favorite subject. Well done once again, Kim.

  2. For green and environmentally sex toys check out Karmasm at http://www.karmasm.com
    All of toys are phthalate-free, we only purchase from manufacturers with upstanding labor laws and no toys are made in China!
    Our motto is ‘green sex toys bring good karma’.
    Good luck and filter out the propaganda! 😉
    Oh yea, all karmasm sex toys are 100% vegan!

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