The Glass Is Greener


Most of my youth was spent searching – for something easier, cooler, smarter, sexier – anything better than whatever was boring and right in front of me. I was convinced there was something better out there just out of my sight. Maybe this belief motivated me to reach higher. Or maybe it left me in a constant state of flux. (Most likely, a bit of both.)

When it comes to the environment, greener is better and reaching higher is the ultimate goal. Like when a company moves toward the eco-light and offers a green alternative to their usual line of products.

Susan Jablon Mosaics has a 100% recycled glass mosaic tile – ORGANIKS – which is certified sustainable and born from your average damaged car windshield. This reused material is broken down into huge piles of glass shards, formed into a powder and refired and remade into tiles of different colors, shapes and sizes.

ORGANIKS tiles can be used for backsplashes, showers, pools, floors and couter-tops. Glass is naturally fire-resistant, wears well and lasts for decades. Tile dimensions are 1″ x 1″ x 3/16″ and there are almost 100 colors from which to choose. Prices range from $15 to $40 per sq. ft. Mix and match or go simple and solid. Use the Tile Designer tool to “trial and error” before committing to a color or pattern. Visit the gallery to see sample works.

I have to say it: with ORGANIKS, the glass is greener.

Image: daviddesign

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