It’s in the Box


Does anyone else feel slightly light-headed at the thought of hearing paper versus plastic one more time? I’m just guessing, but the question is posed to me at least once a day. Of course it’s a very good question, but sometimes I just want to scream “neither, nada, none of the above”, especially when it comes to my lunch.

Maybe it’s my inner rebel, or just the old fashioned, vintage-loving, money-saving eco chick within, but lately I’ve thrown caution to the wind, skipped the bag all together and started using one of the oldest, most recognizable of all lunch carriers. I’m referring to the vintage metal lunch box.

My Holly Hobbie days are over, as well as my obsession with Super Friends or the Patridge Family. But I’m definitely not too old for this sassy psychedelic number. Or even better, this retro Plaid lunch box circa 1960.

Although these are marketed toward kids ages 5 and up and they aren’t vintage, I would happily pack my snacks in either the red cowboy or the baby blue sailor lunchbox. Cute, daring but not a bit childish, they’re on sale for $14.95 at uncommongoods

For simpler tastes, there’s this vintage black metal roll-top box, available at rubylane for $20 or bid on this one at ebay. Not vintage, but still a step up from paper or plastic, these new versions of the vintage style are shiny, classy and oh so retro. From $9 to $30 atLunchboxes.

So throw caution to the wind – save a paper or plastic sack and put your lunch in the box. Find your favorite at Lunchboxes, Go Antiques, eBay, thrift shops, or your attic!

Image: Ajax All Purpose Blog

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One thought on “It’s in the Box

  1. That picture reminds me of my very first features editor…she had a “Frescamid” (pyramid) of collected Fresca soda cans above her desk.

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