Pillow Talk Too


I can’t help myself. Have you ever seen a sexier pillow? Yes, we’ve talked about pillows before, but this pillow is hot. A pillow like this could take a sofa or a bed or a room and push it into another dimension.

I can see your questioning glance, your raised eyebrow. Let me explain. The Modular Pillow by Galya Rosenfeld is mathematic and sequential and organized, yet playful. It’s sexy like the nerdy guy in high school you weren’t supposed to like but had a secret crush on. You couldn’t help yourself.

It’s made of soft reclaimed ultrasuede – leftovers from upholstery manufacturers – and filled with natural feathers and down. One side is crafted in a deep, luscious wine red with one gray piece interwoven – the opposite side is a reversal of this combination.

Galya Rosenfeld’s pieces are all hand-crafted individually without patterns or thread or the usual tools of the trade. The pillow is 20″ square and available for $598 at Branch.

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