PATYKA: Organic Self-Care in a Bottle


When it comes to treating myself well, let’s just say it’s taken time, but I now consider myself an expert in the art of self-care. My focus covers the insides and outsides; spirit and body; brain and brawn. I take time to read, practice yoga, run, laugh, love, take naps, get manicures, share with friends, go to therapy. All in the spirit of living life now rather than waiting for”¦something to justify being nice to myself.

One of my self-care tactics is using sweet-smelling, good-feeling lotions, oils and perfumes. But the greening of my habits and lifestyle has brought with it an adjustment or two in this department. Most of my products, no matter how “good” or “expensive”, had to be banished from my bathroom. Chemicals, preservatives, petroleum”¦I could go on.

So I’ve been playing the field, waiting for the skin care line that has what it takes to steal my eco- and product-loving heart. Voila! The French have done it again. Patyka products are certified organic – the company grows and extracts its own organic materials using only sources committed to Fair Trade practices.

Patyka represents what we at Ecosalon truly believe – luxury, style, eco-friendliness and social responsibility are not exclusives. All of Patyka’s face care products are free of harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. They offer a “Classic” line for the younger crowd and the “Biokaliftin┞¢” line that targets the signs of aging that some of us know and wish we didn’t.

Patyka’s body care line is my favorite, especially the Body Oil ($37). I love the simple glass bottles – perfect in the bathroom on a little tray mirror. So very French, so very chic. Only the “cleanest, rarest, most sophisticated organic plant extracts” are used. Ingredients are listed in full with detailed descriptions of each product and its purpose. See the Patyka website for products and prices. Free shipping on orders over $100.

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5 thoughts on “PATYKA: Organic Self-Care in a Bottle

  1. I looooove oils over lotion and sprays. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks Kim. 🙂 How do you all find little ways to pamper yourself?

  2. This is good Kim. I mean not just the product, but your concept. When you’re so used to always taking care of others, you can lose touch with what you need and want. And you can’t help others do well unless you’re doing well. So, well put.

  3. I have to recommend a brisk rub with body oil prior to shaving (being a guy, I’m talking about my face here). It’s something I’ve recently discovered. Makes the razor g-l-i-d-e. That’s my way of pampering myself in the mornings.

  4. Thanks so much David! It’s true that taking care of myself has increased my self-worth over the years. And as a result, I’m kinder and gentler – whether I’m dealing with traffic or a child or the supermarket check-out person.

  5. Wise words from Joan Heartfeld, sensual Maui tantrika: she advised us that every time we rub ourselves with oils and lotions, that we also thank our bodies and be present, really enjoying the process of luxurious self-care. “Thank you legs, for holding me up, thank you thighs for being so sexy and grabbable, thank you belly for being like the Buddha.” You get the point. It makes the process doubly luscious.

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