A Little Lark for Your Little Bundle


Who doesn’t love a baby? Even if you’re pre-procreation or just undecided in the “bringing a human into the world” department, it’s hard to resist the soft skin and fresh smell of a little bundle.

When my sister-in-law gave birth to my nephew I wanted to steal him, I mean buy him…every outfit on the rack. But the green in me screamed “don’t do it”. Babies are bundles only for a moment, quickly growing into little adults who walk and talk. So instead I bought three organic and unisex “onesies” from Little Lark, which she reused when my niece was born 2 years later.

Little Lark is a mother-owned and operated company based in Portland, Oregon. (Yes, another fabulous momtrepreneur!) They sell unique, hand printed baby and toddler clothes made of 100% organic cotton. Their designs are “modern, hip, fun and non-gender specific” exhibiting simplicity and style with a sophisticated edge”. They aren’t kidding, as you can see here and even better here.

Available in sizes 3-6m and 6-12m for $24 (and tax free) at fawn & forest, each onesie comes in a printed, reusable muslin bag – perfect for gift-giving.

Now that my brother and sister-in-law have confirmed “two is enough”, they’re giving their onesies and more to friends and family still in the baby-making mode. Hand-me-down has never been greener.

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One thought on “A Little Lark for Your Little Bundle

  1. Wish I’d known about these about….oh 2 yrs ago when my daughter was born or 8 months ago when my son was born! Oh well… maybe for baby #3.

    thanks for your comment on my Green Conundrums post. We must always question, aye?

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