5 Favorite Cutting Edge Eco-Chairs


I’m all about sitting. I’m a mover and a shaker when the occasion requires, but when it’s time to call it quits I bet my butt finds a chair before yours.

How can I be so sure? Because I was master of musical chairs in kindergarten. I would somehow throw my little body into place just as the music stopped. Ok, I may have pushed or shoved a bit but I never left a bruise.

As you might imagine, I don’t play musical chairs much these days, but I do appreciate a good eco-chair when I see one. Check out this round up of funky, edgy designs:

Once a Door is a beautifully proportioned chaise lounge made from a reclaimed timber door – get it? British artist Claire Danthois cleverly creates wood furniture and names it after whatever it used to be in its first lifetime. Once a Ladder, Once a Gate, Grandma’s Bed, for example. She is currently working by commission only. Contact the artist for prices and more information.

Another eco-wonderful eye-catching chair is Stomach, designed by Bannavis Andrew Sribyatta for PIE. This bamboo beauty is sexy and simply stunning, as well as green. It measures 26.5″ deep x 21″ wide x 26.5″ high and is available for $1,200 at vivavi.

This next eco-chair is oddly alluring – I couldn’t resist it. It’s called Inkuku (Zulu for chicken) and was designed by Ryan Frank, a South African now living and working in London. Inkuku is made from – are you sitting down? – plastic shopping bags and recycled aluminum. It might be a bit noisy to sit on, but more than likely it’s comfortable and definitely a conversation piece. Email the designer for prices and more information.

On a more conventional note, the Hollow Dining Chair by Brave Space Design is an eco-seat worth every eco-penny. It’s made of solid bamboo (amber and natural) and features a hollow storage space below the seat. It may be difficult to appreciate the elegant details from a picture – the shaped version features ergonomic cutouts in the seat and back with a contrasting grain direction in the bamboo. This style is available for $900; the flat seat and back version is $650.

Last but definitely not eco-least is the Droog Rag Chair by Tejo Remy for Droog Design. It may have been designed 1993, but this chair is as hot today as it was 15 years ago. Why? Because green isn’t trendy and eco isn’t going out of style. The concept is quite simple – the Rag Chair is made of rags. Recycle your own discarded clothes or rags to be included in the design, and get yourself a unique, personal piece to last a lifetime. $5,500 at greenergrassdesign.

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