Geoff McFetridge: Coming to a Wall Near You


I didn’t think it was possible but wallpaper has become huge, as in popular, hip, happenin’ – most likely due to its turning a lovely shade of green (as in eco, eco, eco). It also doesn’t hurt that a few of the ultra cool graphic designers du jour have lent their creative juices to the cause.

To wit, Geoff McFetridge has jumped onto the eco-wallpaper bandwagon and founded his own collection, Pottok. Having already founded a design studio, Champion Graphics, in 1996 while he was art director for Grand Royal Magazine (1995-1997), his career has also segued into motion graphics for TV and movies as well as clothing (for Marc Jacobs) and skateboard design (the Solitary Arts).

Needless to say, McFetridge is all over the place, and I mean that in a good way.

And his wallpaper designs are to die for – visually bold with larger than life graphics that seem to pop off the wall, eager to tell you a story. My favorites – little whales and all of us.

Pottok wallpapers are hand silk-screened locally in Los Angeles using water-based inks on recyclable paper.  A roll is 15 feet (5 yards) long and most designs are 27 inches wide. Available at $120 each. See his designs or shop – in person at WalnutWallpaper or online at PottokPrints.

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