Cure Your Bare Wall Blues with Something Green


I came down with some sort of bug this past weekend. I think it’s called the “look around your home and feel the urge to change everything” bug.

For some reason my eyes focused in on the items I hadn’t seen in a long time, and I realized most of them I no longer even like. So, I spent the entire weekend “purging”. The result is welcoming, minimalist and fresh but it also left me with two completely empty walls.

What did I do with my bare wall blues?

I cured them with something stylish and green, of course. Like this Propellar In Grass canvas from Inhabit. It’s made from 100% sustainable recycled polyester stretched on 1½ inch deep stretchers and hand printed using eco-friendly inks.


Check out all the styles for yourself at feel more human. They’re available in a variety of sizes (ranging from 16″ x 16″ to 60″ x 34″) for $70 to $326 respectively. Here are my favorites – Coral in Aqua, Seagrass in Aqua and Cattails in Mineral.

My blues have turned a lovely shade of green. How about yours?

Images/purchase: feel more human

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