Make a Statement with Woodsy Bond


The more I discover green innovations, the less cynical I can claim to be about the future of our planet. I’m losing my edge, people.

Actually, it’s a relief. Every day I learn of another green product or program or initiative or group of people devoted to the green cause. For example, Woodsy Bond Wallcoverings is a new green company started by Emily Van Genderen, an environmental designer based in New Jersey. Her designs are not for the faint of heart or design-cautious. They’re bold, vibrant, in motion and make a big statement. Check out her Flora and Fauna collections and see what I mean when I say – wow.

The green factor at Woodsy Bond is big too. All their wallcoverings are printed on a new eco-fabric (made by EverGreen) that is 100% non-toxic and fireproof. In addition, the paper is made using 50% less raw materials and 80% less energy than the traditional product.

Note: Take a look at a detailed description of the fabric’s eco-friendly life cycle.

Images: Woodsy Bond Wallcoverings

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