Leaving the Nest: Non-Profit Jewelry Takes Flight


I’m not much of a sentimentalist so things like “karma” or “it was meant to be” don’t usually send me leaping to conclusions about my destiny, whether it be whom to date or what to buy. I also have a very discerning eye when it comes to jewelry.

That being said, this dainty and sweet necklace from Nest (a company with a great cause – read more about it at Nest) caught my eye and I couldn’t help myself – it’s as if it was made for me.

Creating a home for myself, learning to spread my wings, opening myself to the possibility of love – you could say I’m in a place of personal, professional and spiritual growth. What better way to commit myself to the journey and celebrate the possibilities than with these two swallows in flight toward each other? I didn’t know swallows from finches, so after some fast Wikipedia research I learned that the swallow can represent hope and freedom and fidelity; flexibility and resourcefulness and perseverance.

But back to the necklace. Hanging delicately from a silver chain, the two hand-made enamel birds are reversible – teal on one side, light blue on the other. This lovely piece is a steal at $90. I wear it proudly, admitting that yes, it was meant to be.

Image/Purchase: Nest

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