Turning a Mountain into a Mobile


There are so many great design magazines on the newsstand today, how do you choose? Usually I’m able to resist buying them all, but some months they’re too delicious and I bring home more than I have the precious time to read.

Then I watch in guilt as the stack next to my coffee table grows and grows. Extravagant and not so very eco-friendly unless you get creative (I know you will). Instead of tossing them in the recycle bin – which is not the worst thing you can do with them, by the way – why not make something prettyout of them?

Heather Frazier, of frazier & wing, has done just that with her Recycled Magazine Mobile Collection. Each piece is handmade of selected imagery that she cuts into unique shapes and strings with monofilament. I instantly fell for the quirky look as well as the simple, green idea. Depending on the size, these pieces run from $85-$200.
If you’ve been looking for a fun, crafty project – make one yourself. This is a  perfect way to chip away at your own mountain of magazines! If you’re not about to get crafty, take your magazines to the dentist or your neighbor’s next garage sale for the looky-loos to take home for free. There’s no excuse for not living green – or letting your  magazines grow into a mountain!

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