Create a New Kitchen With Old Glass


If remodeling your kitchen sits on the top of your most-wanted list but on the bottom of your most-affordable, I am here to suggest an option that will give your kitchen a fresh little boost for the spring season. It’s easier than you might think. And it’s recycled.

Adding new hardware to your kitchen cabinets and drawers is the simple and easy trick. Such a small change won’t go unnoticed; on the contrary, it will add an elegant pop of style to your space. And the entire project will take you two hours rather than two months! (Or two years, in one unfortunate friend’s case.)

I found these recycled glass drawer pulls from Green Sage, an eco-friendly company that proudly believes “creating treasure from yesterday’s trash is a beautiful thing!” They are vibrant (available in six colors), unique (definitely not of the Home Depot variety), inexpensive ($13-$15) and recycled (made from old windows).

I like the apricot – almost a light amber – for my kitchen and I’ll use them on the hallway linen closets as well. Try mixing and matching for a touch of whimsy, if that’s more your style.

One last suggestion: buy a few more than you need because glass breaks, and yes, I learned this from experience.

Image: Green Sage

3 thoughts on “Create a New Kitchen With Old Glass

  1. I forwarded this link to my sister and she loves the fish glass drawer pulls! She just moved to a new apartment and she’s using them to spruce up her kitchen. Thanks!

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