The Sock Problem


I’m going out on a limb and broaching a subject most women (who have brothers or sons or boyfriends or husbands) would prefer not to touch with a 10 foot pole. Literally.

The subject: stinky athletic socks. If you haven’t been exposed to the inside of a gym bag or entered your son’s room and wondered “did something DIE in here?” only to look under the bed for a rotting rodent and find a pair of soiled white crew socks instead – well, consider yourself lucky.

But if you do happen to be tangled up in The Sock Problem, harsh detergents and toxic air fresheners need not be the solution. Turn to an eco-friendly fiber – bamboo!

The planet’s most sustainable natural fiber, bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. The porous nature of bamboo fiber allows for better moisture absorption and ventilation than cotton, so sweat evaporates quickly. Dry socks = less odor!

Stick with your eco-friendly laundry detergent or laundry discs and instead buy the man (or men) in your life a few pairs of bamboo athletic socks at $8 a pair. These socks are 85% bamboo/15% Lycra and are available in natural and black. I also found bamboo socks in a shorter version at $5 a pair, available only in white. If he approves, get him a pair of bamboo dress socks as well!

Image: astique

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