Eco-Friendly, Organic Linen Spray


I’ve been doing a lot of business traveling of late and my sense of smell is on overload. Maybe I’m becoming more sensitive, or maybe even the best hotel room can turn musty and stale over time. Opening the sliding glass door to the balcony is a lovely option during summer months in California, but next week I travel to Chicago. Needless to say, I’m in need of another sensible solution.

I’ve been using organic linen sprays for years now – on my bed linens, pillows, soft furniture and even on my body. I choose only chemical-free products with 100% natural ingredients and no animal testing.

My latest find is linden blossom. Made by a New Zealand body care company, it is refreshing, soothing and smells lovely. This eco-friendly spray works wonders in my home and is easy to travel with, so I’ll try it on my next trip. A single spray is all it should take to renew my tired spirit and refresh my musty hotel room.

Image: Linden Leaves USA

One thought on “Eco-Friendly, Organic Linen Spray

  1. I value transparency in a skin care products company and inspite of all the claims that LindenLeaves products are organic and eco-friendly, there is no information on their site that I can find that shares the ingredient lists and sources of the ingredients for any of their products. Please let me know if they are listed on the site and I just missed them. Thanks.

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