You’re Glowing! Is It All the Exercise?


I’m sure you’ve watched them, if not almost run over one of them, weaving in and out and in between cars. The city cyclist puts his limbs and his life on the line each time he hits the pavement.

Thankfully, bicycles have become a more frequent sight during rush hour in this era of gas-guzzling SUVs. And this betters our chances of staving off the climate crisis.

With a growing number of these cyclists on the road, safety gear is paramount – from apparel to footwear to the bicycle itself. PUMA is setting the safety standard with its introduction of the Glow Rider, a very slick glow-in-the-dark single gear bike. The added safety benefit of increased visibility at night, along with the fact it can be folded for space-saving storage and portability, makes it the city dweller’s dream. It will be available in two colors – buttermilk that glows green, and orange. It even auto-destructs if someone attempts to steal it and ride away without its wire lock system.

With such a stylish option, who would want to drive?

Image: High Snobiety

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