Let Him Wear the Pants, and He’ll Wear Them Well


It may be the one and only, undisputed, all-women-unite fact that I’m aware of – that when the men in our lives wear pants we’d prefer they wear them well. My extensive research* in the pant department has revealed that there’s nothing better than a really worn, really comfortable pair of pants that fit properly.

Whether your significant other is eco-conscious or not, he should own a pair of these terrific pants from SweetGrass. You can jump start his eco-friendly status, or if he’s already green, it’s an easy sell. The ‘Summit Pant’ sits well on the hips and is made of hemp and organic cotton twill. All organic fibers, nothing added, machine washable and available in three very deep, dark colors. At $84 per pair, you can buy all three! The pants get softer with each wear, so he’s guaranteed to love them. Go ahead, let him wear the pants today.

* conducted by me, since birth.

Image: SweetGrass

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