Your Own Personal (Portable) Luau


I’m certain you’ve seen it – the generic cartoon character with wide eyes and a light bulb next to its head. The image fairly screams “I’ve got a bright  idea!”.

Imagine that, but stylish and eco-friendly, and I’ll show you the Luau Portable Lamp designed by Vessel for $199. A lighting solution that works inside or out, it’s versatile, fun and totally energy-efficient. The rechargeable battery lasts 6-10 hours and its dimmable LED light source will outlive (and outlight) any fluorescent or incandescent bulb out there. That means less fossil fuels – and that’s a bright idea (I can’t resist).

Carry it on a late-night walk, place a few around the deck during your next fete or rest it bedside for ambient lighting – the rest I leave to you.

Image: Vessel

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