Risk and Love and Vulnerability

June 10, 2014



“The one thing that keeps us out of connection is our fear that we’re not worthy of love and belonging.” – Brené Brown I’ve always been afraid of the wrong things. I don’t fear death or earthquakes or being in a car accident or breaking a leg. I fear things that aren’t real, can’t be measured […]

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November 19, 2013



I close my eyes to breathe your love, it looks like wavy clouds. Why oh why do I sit so still, I should be standing proud. Somewhere close I hear my name, it’s writ in sands of blue. Your voice rings true then whispers lies, ‘I’m still in love with you.’ Now you’re gone and here […]

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All that Matters

September 16, 2013



The smell of Indian food wafts through my apartment, pungent and sharp and almost unbearable at 7 am. My newest neighbor, a plump but pretty 23 year old, has her family visiting from India. A mother, father, sister she hasn’t seen in two years. I assume the food is Indian although I’ve never asked her […]

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Whitewash Red Toes

June 8, 2013



#whitewash #redtoes

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So You Think You Can Dance

May 26, 2013



I took private salsa lessons a few years ago. I’m not necessarily a dancer, although my salsa teacher would beg to differ. She told me day after day that I was born to do it. I was meant to dance like my hips and legs and life depended on it. Like every last cell in […]

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Desert Drive

May 25, 2013



the desert is…colors and textures and smells layered with the wind

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Cool moon breezes

May 7, 2013



I read a story in my writing workshop today, about the time a mean girl ignored me at school and rounded up all the other girls in our fifth grade class so they would ignore me too. And how the ache was so violent and alive that I flew home and into our kitchen, running […]

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